K.I. Sawyer

Situated on over 5,200 acres of land in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, K.I. Sawyer was one of the newest major U.S. bases built by the Air Force and is extremely well suited in its new civilian role. It offers world class industrial and aviation businesses a place to develop. With state of the art air facilities, an excellent highway system, and access to nearby rail, water and highway transportation, demands of all businesses can be met.

Buildings and housing are available on site. Sawyer comprises an outstanding mixture of commercial and industrial facilities which encompasses well over one million square feet of floor space. Additionally, the unique location can provide companies to grow on a regional, national and global scale. The area’s work force is among the most productive and loyal in the United States with a cost of living index averaging 10 – 30 % lower than many other national locations with similar facilities. Gwinn is located a few miles from Sawyer and provides most shopping and schooling needs.

By September 25, 1999, air carrier passengers were entering and leaving from Sawyer. A new terminal building was completed by September 25, 1999 and is next to one of the longest runways in North America. Located on the original airport site picked by Marquette County’s first road commission superintendent, Kenneth I. Sawyer, the new airport is ideally positioned for serving the central Upper Peninsula.

Sawyer International Airport is one of 12 airports nationwide that competed for and was selected for inclusion in a special funding category created by the U.S. Congress. As part of the military airports program, Sawyer International Airport received special funding.

Sawyer International Airport is ready for the next century’s airfleets, including jumbo jets with a 12,500 ft. runway.


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